Genius Travel Tips For College Students (College Travel Guide 2020)

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travel tips for college students

It’s 2020 and we have the best travel tips for college students to start traveling all around the world. travel tips for college students.
Imagine getting the chance to travel the world as a college student and listening to the ocean waves crash beside you while you are absorbing the sun at the beach.

Sounds soothing and relaxing, right? 

As a matter of fact, multiple studies indicate that taking a vacation can lead to a healthier lifestyle and can improve your mental and physical well-being.

So why aren’t more people traveling more?

A recent study conducted through a survey from Bankrate found: travel tips for college students

  • Approximately 39 million Americans are not planning on going on vacation this summer.
  • 44% of people are not planning on traveling due to the responsibilities of having to pay day to day bills and being in debt.
  • 26% reported they do not plan on taking a vacation at all.

Why am I highlighting this? travel tips for college students

Because many people let statistics like these scare them into believing they cannot afford to travel.

There are so many ways to travel the world while being in college and today, you are are going to learn the best travel tips for college students even if you are broke.

Let’s dive right in!

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1. Sell Your Items

Have a garage sale! Trust me; people love going to garage sales and buying used, cheap items.

If that sounds like too much work, you can sell your belongings, clothes, video games, and electronics through some apps on your phone. 

Start making money at your fingertips from these amazing travel tips for college students.

Check out the following apps you can use to sell your items:


  • Allows you to quickly sell and buy items locally.
  • Take photos of any items you want to sell, post them on Letgo, and wait for people to start connecting with you.
  • You can sell cars, electronics, movies, clothes, and even give away free stuff. You might find some useful items. 

Offer up

  • Take and upload pictures of your items, set your price, and consumers will connect with you if they are interested in buying from you.
  • You can sell bikes, boats, household appliances, and just about anything you can think of.


  • Is an online store and excellent marketplace for people who are interested in exchanging or buying items from other users.
  • You can sell iPhones, tablets, TVs, furniture, clothes, shoes, kitchen appliances, watches, and a surplus of other items. 


  • Is an online platform where you take pictures of the items you would like to sell and wait for consumers to start contacting you.
  • Poshmark takes a 20% commission fee from every sale you make.

Depending on the value of your items and how many you sell, you can make between $200-$300 from simply using these platforms. 

2. Find Somewhere Cheap To Stay

travel tips for college students


  • Is an increasingly popular way to save money and start traveling to another country as a college student.
  • While using the app, you can choose from a list of individuals who will let you crash on their couch for a night or two (sometimes longer).
  • You can also host people, like travelers from other countries, at your place. travel tips for college students

If you build a solid friendship with your guests, maybe they’ll host you if you ever travel to their home state or country.


  • Allows you to take care of someone’s home while they’re away. travel tips for college students
  • There are people who sign up on this website and find responsible, caring individuals to take care of their home, animals, gardening, and other household chores. 


  • Securely matches you with homeowners of any region you would like to visit. 
  • You can connect with people within the United States or anywhere around the world. 
  • All you do is put in your personal preferences, availability, location, and other information to best match you with homeowners.


  • Links you with homeowners who need someone to look after their home while they’re away. 
  • Simply make a profile, fill out general information about yourself, and get connected with homeowners. 

Keep in mind that homeowners may have general rules for people living in their home, but you do have the option to negotiate on any important matters. 

HostelWorld is a popular site where travelers can book and share dorms with others from around the world. 

This is probably one of my favorite travel tips for college students because it’s a great way to save money from expensive hotels.

3. Teach English Across the World

travel tips for college students

Did you know you can teach English somewhere across the world and GET PAID?

Yep, you read that right. travel tips for college students

You can teach English in Spain!

Many schools in foreign countries are looking for English teachers.

This could be the perfect opportunity to gain experience and start traveling as a college student.

Some programs do not require college degrees or a teaching credential to teach English abroad.

Nonetheless, applicants who have a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate or a college degree have a higher chance of being hired automatically and may also earn higher pay.

TEFL certificates usually take 6-10 weeks to acquire, but upon completion, you are qualified to start traveling and teaching English anywhere around the world.

A majority of the programs pay you monthly and help you find housing accommodations as well!

If you’re interested in teaching English abroad while traveling, check out these sites and sign up:


  • Allows you to teach in a different country and provides you with teaching opportunities at private institutes, colleges, and universities.
  • All you need to do is sign up to create an account, complete your bio, search and apply, and wait for a recruiter to help you get started. 

Go Overseas

  • Offers study abroad and volunteering opportunities, internships, TEFL courses, and resources to connect you to adventurous travel programs.
  • Sign up on their website to explore various teaching opportunities they have to offer.

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4. Find Student Discounts


  • Download the app now and receive scholarship notifications, exclusive offers, internships and more!
  • Discounts for several hotels, zip cars, new laptop and phones. travel tips for college students

Student Money Saver 

  • Specializes in student discounts, deals, free items, and helping college students with finance. 
  • You can find deals for restaurants, apparel, cell phone service providers, train tickets, beauty products, Amazon vouchers, and more! travel tips for college students


  • Helps you save money on traveling and groceries by providing you with promo codes and discount coupons for multiple stores. 

Student Beans

  • Also offers student discounts for a variety of items. 
  • You can find student deals for food, traveling, health & beauty, entertainment, home utilities and much more. 
  • Sign up and start receiving discounts today!

5. Understand Travel Hacking

travel tips for college students

I recently returned from a trip to Las Vegas with my uncle, and because of the amount of reward points he saved from using his travel credit card, we only paid $15 a night and we received multiple discounts on our food.

For 3 nights and 4 days, I only spent about $400. Now that’s a steal! travel tips for college students

If you can, sign up for an airline mileage program or getting a credit card to rack up on reward points.

Just remember, if you decide to sign up for a credit card, make sure you pay off the expenses on time before they start charging you interest.

I would recommend checking out NerdWallet; they did a deep analysis of the best credit cards to rack up points for traveling. travel tips for college students

Start looking into credit cards and ways to earn reward points for every time you travel somewhere around the world.

This is another effective travel tip for college students since you are given discounts for your next flight, hotel, and even food because of the points you have collected.

6. Become an Au-Pair

Are you good with children or teens? 

If the answer is yes, you should consider becoming an Au-Pairtravel tips for college students

There are programs that allow you to travel to a foreign country and live with a family in exchange for accommodating their needs. 

Responsibilities differ depending on the family, but they can include driving children to school or to their extracurricular activities, tending to house work, tutoring, or spending quality time with an individual. 

For example, I used to tutor someone whose family hired an au-pair to assist with things like taking him to school, cooking occasionally, and other household responsibilities. 

The benefits are awesome:

  • The au-pair worked about 15 to 20 hours for the family
  • Received $200 per week.
  • He never paid rent and meals were always provided, so he didn’t have to spend money on food.

Guess what he got to do on his free time?

Yup, he literally visited every single place in the U.S.A when he was here.

He has been traveling all over the world these last 2 years! 

Check out some Au-Pair programs for you to sign up:

Au-Pair in America

I am definitely planning on doing this during the summer of 2020! travel tips for college students

7. Do Work trade

travel tips for college students

Work trade is a type of travel where you can exchange your time and skills for accommodations of housing and food.

You could be cleaning to doing outdoor cleaning 

You find a host from anywhere around the world that you would like to visit and you lend them a hand for a certain amount of hours per week.

In exchange, they will provide you a room to stay and other types of benefits.

You gotta try this! travel tips for college students

Here are some places that you can explore and start finding a host so you can travel:

Work trade 

  • Connects you with individuals in different states or countries who need help with things ranging from daily tasks to large scale projects.
  • In exchange for your hard work, these individuals can provide free housing and food.


  • Has a variety of volunteer opportunities on organic farms worldwide for people interested in traveling and helping their hosts with daily tasks.
  • All you have to do is choose your destination, find a host, and start traveling. 

8. Find an Internship Abroad

This is a great way to travel and also a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience to add to your resume and enhance your level of work experience.

Check out these resources:


  • It is a network that gives you the opportunity to embark on a new adventure by linking you to outdoor jobs within a community and connecting you with others from around the world.
  • In the United States, there are jobs and internships pertaining to education, transportation, farming, local governments, and more.
  • Make sure to check out their house listings to see what accommodations they can provide for you.


  • Gives you the ability to do an internship somewhere across the world. 
  • Start your adventure by figuring out where you want to go.
  • You can access reviews from previous interns, watch interviews, read comments and start comparing programs to one another.

The application process simply requires that you provide your resume, write a cover letter, and answer some short essays questions.  travel tips for college students

9. Study Abroad

Studying abroad seems to be very popular among college students these days.

If this sounds like something you want to do, try talking to one of your college advisors or someone who can connect you with a study abroad program coordinator on your campus.

Don’t worry, studying abroad won’t delay your graduation date as long as you consult with your counselor and confirm your planned courses ahead of time.

Graduation requirements can be met while studying abroad as you’ll be able to earn course credits as you travel and learn.

A list of some study abroad opportunities:

  • Is the perfect opportunity for college undergrads who are looking to travel while working towards their degree.

  • ISEP Exchange lets you trade spots with another student who is in the ISEP Exchange and you are also allowed to choose up to 10 universities.

  • Offers excellent student abroad programs in Europe, Latin America and Africa, etc.
  • You have 300 professional staff members worldwide to provide you answers for any questions you may have of the programs.
  • They also provide internship and service-learning opportunities.

These sites allow you to find study abroad programs based on your desired destination. 

Embark on a new journey by experiencing a new culture, language, and meeting new people from all around the world.

Sign up to find a program that best suits your educational and travel needs!

10. Get Funded to Travel

Saving money to travel can be pretty stressful. 

This might surprise you, but there are very generous people around the world who are willing to help fund your travel expenses!

Here’s a couple resources to help you get started:


  • Allows you to collaborate with other members for financial support.
  • It is quick and easy to set-up a funding campaign through GoFundMe.
  • The platform even provides social media tools for sharing the link with others so they can donate any amount they desire.

The benefit of using GoFundMe is that there is a 0% platform fee.


  • Easily share your campaign with friends and family. 
  • When starting a funding campaign for traveling, I suggest that you clearly state why you are choosing that destination and how raising enough money would help you.

Include information about your intent to volunteer or work for a cause, people are more inclined to donate to your campaign.

11. Find Free Destinations

Did you know that in New York you can ride the Staten Island Ferry and see the Statue of Liberty for FREE?

Well now you know! You can even check out some masterpieces at NY art galleries for FREE.

If you want to leave the country and find some free events to attend, I would check out

Free events and activities can be found almost anywhere – all you have to do is search for them based on your destination.

12. Travel on a Cruise Ship

travel tips for college students

Have you ever wanted to travel on a cruise ship while getting paid?

It’s definitely possible – in fact, many people are doing it!

You can sign a full-time contract and be hired for a variety of positions (bartender, waiter, fitness instructor, entertainer, and other services).

Working on a cruise ship can help you achieve your goal of traveling all over the world and meeting people from all walks of life.

A majority of cruise ships sail through all 7 continents – a true traveler’s dream.

Check out these cruise ships that you can apply to work for:


So, did these resources blow you away or what?!

I won’t be sad if they didn’t, but hopefully you did find some of these resources to be useful.

If you want to learn ways to save money and travel more, I would check out another blog I wrote “19 ways To Save Money and Travel More

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post, and that you take advantage of these great ways to travel the world on a budget!

Have you already traveled utilizing the resources I mentioned? Are you planning on using them anytime soon?

If there are any other methods for traveling the world on a budget, please mention them in the comments below!

Yours Truly,


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